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Punjabi song writer – A few years ago was the time when only old poets and lyricists were given importance in Punjabi music. They all wrote about love, feelings, peace, struggle etc. After some time, some songwriters started writing songs about porn, violence, alcohol. But soon those songwriters were disliked by the audience. But now again a handful of Punjabi songwriters have started liking songs of some nature and worthiness.

Today we will tell you about the list of some such Punjabi song writers who have saved the Punjabi sentiments through songs even today. The lyricist of this new breed has given a huge boost to Punjabi music by storm. Even though these young songwriters wear jeans and T-shirts unlike older poets. We can say that they are stylish professionals but who write from their heart. These people have a lot of potential. This younger generation has a huge fan following and is very active on social media. Some of these lyricists are also good singers. Below we have listed some Punjabi songwriters who have contributed significantly to the Punjabi industry.

Happy Raikoti Punjabi song writer


Happy raikoti Punjabi song writer

Happy Raikoti knows almost all Punjabi music listeners about them. He is the youngest and the most talented Punjabi songwriter today. He began writing and singing songs during his school time. Happy has written high-quality songs for many singers such as Main Taanh Vi Pyaar Karda,” “Peg Sheg,” “Mutiyaar” etc. and is the reason behind the success of famous Punjabi albums and films. Although he started his career as a writer, he also tried his voice in singing and recorded many hit songs.



jaani punjabi song writer

Jaani is second in our list. He is the young lyricist of the very famous Punjabi song Backbone, Bachcha, Do You Know, Horn Blow, Oscar, Suicide, Soch, Jaguar, All Black, Joker, Gabro, Na Ji Na, Mere Kol, Paani, Ik Sa Taro. Ever wondered who wrote the hit song “Soch”, the author’s name is known. Apart from “Soch”, he has also written many famous songs such as Joker, Backbone, Tara, Mana Bharya.  His latest song “Guitar Sikhada”, sung by Jassi Gill, received positive response from the audience and surpassed 22. jaani is the king of million views songs on youtube

Amrit maan Punjabi Song Lyricists

Amrit Maan punjabi song writer

The number is Amrit Maan (Goniana Wala).  Also famous as “Goniana Wala,” he began his career as a lyricist at a young age. Famous for his songs “Jatt Fire Karda,” “Muchh Te Mashook,” “Peg Di Waashna.” He used to write, sing and perform on his songs. The meaningful and high-quality words give weight to his songs. His latest song “Peg Di Waashna” received a substantial response and crossed 43 million views on youtube making it a hit.

Satinder Sartaj

satinder sartaj punjabi song writer

Satinder Sartaj is known for writing devotional Punjabi language songs. He came to notice with his hit song “Sai.” The lyrics of this songs introduced his talent to his listeners. Later he wrote and sung many hit songs namely Cheerey Waleyan, Dil Pehlan Jeha Ni Reha, and many more. His latest song “Sajjan Raazi” also received laurels from the audience. Among all Punjabi lyricist, he has established himself with his unique devotional writings.

Gurdas maan Punjabi Song Lyricists

Gurdas Mann Punjabi song writer

Punjabi songwriter Gurdas Mann is one of the most renowned artists in the Punjabi industry.  In his lifetime, he has made an immense contribution to the singing field. Among all the famous songs he has written, the popular ones are Dil Da Mamla, Challa, and Ki Banu Duniya Da. He’s written songs reflect his love for humanity and social values. Gurdas Mann is an inspiration for every Punjabi artist in today’s

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Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa

The next number is that of Guru Randhawa, who is very popular due to his personality. His two most-viewed songs, “High Rated Gabru” and “Lahore”, have over 885 and 820 million views on T-Series’ official YouTube channel respectively. His first international collaboration is “Slowly Slowly” featuring Pitbull, released on 19 April 2019. The song’s music video received 38 million views on YouTube within 24 hours, becoming one of the world’s all-time most-viewed music videos in 24 hours.

Punjabi Song Lyricists Narinder Batth

Narinder Batth

Narinder Batth is a young famous writer. Songs penned by Narinder batth Represents Punjabi Village life, culture, and traditions. His thoughts are unique and he writes meaningful stuff. He got famous with his song Lancersung by Jassi Gill. Narinder has given several hit songs to the music industry. hit Songs of Narinder Batth are Gunday No.1 by Dilpreet Dhillon, Lakdi Da Ford by Roshan Prince, Deor Bharjai by Balbbal Rai, Mehfil Yaran di by Monty & waris, Pind de geree by Rupinder handa, Garari & Town by Harjot.


Sidhu Moosewala

Sidhu Moosewala

The next is a very young Punjabi song writer Sidhu Moosewala. After graduation, Sidhu Moose Wala moved to Canada and there he released his first song “G Wagon”. He started to perform live in India in 2018. He had also performed successful live shows in Canada. Moose Wala got his breakthrough with the song “So High” in 2017, a gangster rap collaboration with Byg Byrd. Also, he won Best Lyricist award for the song at Brit Asia Music Awards. He continued his success with singles like “Issa Jatt”, “Tochan”, “Selfmade”, “Famous” and “Warning Shots”.

Sidhu Moosewala Awards

At, 2018 PTC Punjabi Music Awards he was nominated for Best New Age Sensation award for “Issa Jatt”. In August 2018 he launched his first film soundtrack song, “Dollar”, for the film Dakuaan Da Munda. In October 2018, Sidhu released his debut album “PBX 1” of Pop genre with touch of hip-hop. The album peaked on Canadian Albums Chart by Billboard. Also, he won Best Album award at 2019 Brit Asia TV Music Awards, with other three wins.



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