How to Become a professional Songwriter

Hi Punjabi film Lovers,  if you are searching for how to become a songwriter and really want to become a professional songwriter in Punjabi Music Industry. Then you are at the right place.

As we know that The Punjabi Music is very famous in India and also in worldwide. Every week many new Punjabi songs releases.  Many of us love to listen or Watch Punjabi Songs online and youtube is the best plateform to watch videos Songs. Punjabi Songs is famous for interesting layrics, Compositon and wonderful music. As you know that a song can’t be perfect until lyrics writing is not perfect.

Famouse Lyric writer

Many famous Punjabi songwriter like Jaani, Happy RaiKoti, Amrit Maan, Karan Aujla and many more giving us a many wonderful songs. Many of Punjabi singer write and sing songs himself. You can see above names some many of singers now, But these singer start own career as a songwriter after that he become a singer. So Today I will tell you to become a Punjabi songwriter and which point is very helpful to reach you goals.

Writing a Punjabi song, is not any easy task. To write a punjabi song follow these some basic requirements that one should have, which are:

Top 7 Step Guide how to Become a Songwriter | Professional lyric writer

1: Invest Your Time

To become a professional songwriter you should Give a Proper time to yourself. Invest your time in learning & writing. You can listen songs first and think how songwriter match words into paragraph.

Become a Songwriter

2: Learn Punjabi Vocabulary

First of all learn Punjabi language and you must have strong Punjabi vocabulary. If you are beginner then you should learn Punjabi vocabulary words.  Even you should know about Punjabi basic touch which can help you to make a lyric writer.

3: Observe Surroundings

You should observe your surroundings , find a beautiful topic as well as meaningful topics. Convert your thought in words and arrange in paragraph. Writing a song is one thing and delivering the message through your words is another, your writing should come straight from heart and should hit the listeners at heart.

4: Analyze Public Interest

Think about public interest and find which one Song can we written on public interest. you can see news to get public interest or you can use social media. Like Now a days Corona Virus diseases spred all over the world and you many song comes on Corona Virus diseases. You can also use Some technology word which is mostly used by public like Tiktok, Instagram and many more.

5: Use Common Words

As we know that Punjabi language has many dialects, it is important to have common words in your pocket which you can use in song writing. To Better Understanding listen to Punjabi Song first than you can found, Song writer uses Common word which one based on every life Like Car (different different car names or brands), Love, Panga, Jatt, Jameen, Daru and many more.

6: Punjabi literature

Reading Punjabi literature is the most important key if one wants to unlock the lock of song writing. Read more poetry and books in Punjabi language.

7: Use Event Based Techniques

 A successful songwriter always write songs on event-based Like Marriange, Festival, Valentine days and many more. The songs should not be vulgar, people love to listen the songs of culture, romance, tradition, trends, and sad songs also.

IF you want to become a Professional songwriter then you have to do hard work and patience, people often lose hope after failure at writing in starting, one need to continue trying. Hope the above points are helpful in some way to write a Punjabi songs.

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