Chandigarh, 24 April, 2024 (Yes Punjab News)

Punjabi singer Amman is back with his Romantic Track ‘Dil Kare’. The song released today describes the feeling of a girl in love. This is a romantic song in which Amman has expressed the feeling of a girl who is in deep love. Amman is a singer as well as a lyricist. He has written and sung this song himself.

Amman said that before this he had written many sad songs and he always wanted to write something different. That’s why he wrote a romantic song. He said that everyone writes about their own feelings, but I chose to write what girls feel in love keeping in mind their point of view.

The music of ‘Dil Kare’ is given by Grand Singh and the video is done by Fossil Fuel. Amman explained that I wanted to release ‘Dil Kare’ for a long time.

But it is said that whatever time is written for a thing, that is when it happens. When I met Grand Singh, we got along instantly. Grand has a very good understanding of music and he understood in one go what kind of music I wanted.

The video of the song has been done by Fossil Fuel. Talking about the team of Fossil Fuel, Amman said that Fossil Fuel has done such a great job on the video of my song that I myself was surprised that my song could be so good. I am deeply grateful to the music director Grand and the team of Fossil Fuel.

Amman said that ‘Dil Kare’ has been released on his personal YouTube channel. Speaking about the challenge of being a Punjabi artist, he said that nowadays many songs are released every day and the competition has increased a lot. It is a bit difficult for new artists but if you keep working with dedication, then one day you will definitely get success.

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