3 cheeza

3 CHEEZA Official Video:Embark on a musical journey with “3 Cheeza”, a dynamic collaboration featuring Tippu Sultan and Sultan. Sharry Hassan’s melodic compositions complement Preeta’s poignant lyrics, creating a memorable fusion of sound. Spearheaded by S Mukhtiar and Khand Music Production, this project promises to captivate audiences with its refreshing approach. The visual storytelling comes to life under the direction of Robbie, with Jasmine Kaur shining as the female lead. Special thanks to Abhi Bakshi for his invaluable contributions to the project. Prabh Saini’s expertise as both director of photography and editor ensures a seamless visual experience. Presented under the banner of T-Series, “3 Cheeza” is set to make waves in the music industry with its compelling narrative and soul-stirring melodies.Check Out New Latest Punjabi Song 2024,3 CHEEZA  and Watch 3 CHEEZA  Punjabi Song Official Video.

Watch New Latest Punjabi Song 3 CHEEZA Official Video

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