Dakua Ki Barat Official Video:The song “Regen” features vocals by Rahul Puthi and Ashu Twinkle, with Biru Kataria, Abhay Baisla, and Khushi Baliyan in starring roles. Nitin Baisla and Rony Baisla contribute as co-artists. The lyrics are penned by Ranjan Assaniya, while the music is composed by Gr Music (Ravi Panchal). The mixing is handled by Gr Music, with editing by Satish Prajapati and assistant editing by Rakash Prajapati. The direction of the project is overseen by Farista.Check Out New Latest Haryanvi Song 2024, Dakua Ki Barat  and Watch Dakua Ki Barat  Haryanvi Song Official Video.

Watch New Latest Haryanvi Song Dakua Ki Barat  Official Video

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