Mumbai, April 10, 2024
Singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh, who will be seen in the upcoming episode of ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show‘, talked about his upcoming film ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’ and shared that he used to think that because he is from Punjab, he would understand ‘Chamkila’ better.

However, Diljit said that he “completely surrendered” to filmmaker Imtiaz Ali’s vision.

Diljit said: “I used to think that because I am from Punjab, I would understand Chamkila better. But after I met Imtiaz, I completely surrendered to him.”

“The way he stood, the way he spoke, the way he would react, and even the way he would think, Imtiaz had it all figured out because of his extensive research and homework that he had done on Chamkila,” he added.

‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ streams on Netflix.

‘Amar Singh Chamkila’, a Hindi biographical drama, also stars Parineeti Chopra as his wife.

The film is set to release on Netflix on April 12.(Agency)

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