Mumbai, April 27, 2024
Popular actor-musician Diljit Dosanjh emphasised that the success of a film or song cannot be guaranteed solely based on the presence of a specific individual.

Asked Diljit, who has given blockbusters including his recent release ‘Chamkila’ and chartbuster hit songs, if he feels that it is his golden period since everything he does turns into gold.

Diljit responded to IANS, stating: “Nobody can declare that if someone’s film or a song will be a sure shot hit. It is God’s grace. No actor or director can say, ‘I am there, that is why the film is a hit’. There is nothing like that, it is all because of God.”

Relatability plays a crucial role in attracting audiences to Diljit’s work.

“I think like this too. Sometimes people say that the audience would like it, but I feel that I am the audience myself. If I like it, then the audience will like it too. I feel like I am the audience too. I always see films and songs through the perspective of the audience.”

Diljit’s mindset aligns closely with his audience.

“I feel whatever questions they have, I have the same in my mind too. I have never felt disconnected… that the audience is someone else and I am someone else.”(Agency)

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