The lead actors of ‘Ikk Kudi Punjab Di,’ Avinesh Rekhi and Tanisha Mehta, express their gratitude as the show reaches the milestone of 100 episodes, marking an incredible journey. The cast and crew celebrated this achievement with a small cake-cutting ceremony on the set, commemorating the completion of 100 episodes.

Tanisha, portraying Heer, shares her thoughts on the accomplishment, stating, “The audience has showered us with immense love since the beginning of the show, and today, as we reach 100 episodes, I cannot thank them enough. It feels like it all happened in the blink of an eye.”

Avinesh, in the role of Ranjha, adds, “Completing 100 episodes is just the beginning of an amazing journey for our show. It feels great that the hard work is paying off, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our loving audience.”

He further emphasizes, “We are all very grateful, and it is a moment of pride for the entire team – the actors, directors, technicians, and crew members who worked day and night to make our show what it is today.

Tanisha Mehta

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