Mumbai, May 16, 2024
After a heartwarming journey spanning three generations, the romance drama ‘Udaariyaan’ has taken a leap of 15 years with a fresh flock of characters.

The new promo offers a glimpse into the lives of Sarab, Haniya, and Meher, portrayed by Avinesh Rekhi, Aditi Bhagat, and Shreya Jain, respectively.

The show captures a clash between Sarab and Meher, who find themselves on opposite runways when it comes to matters of the heart.

While Haniya, a nurturing soul, views love as a delicate seedling that needs careful tending, the strong-willed Meher perceives it as a weed that can stunt her growth.

As the two sisters lead their lives with their own ideologies, the ruggedly handsome Sarab promises to harvest hearts with his charm.

Talking about the show, Avinesh said that stepping into the shoes of Sarab feels like coming home to the roots.

“This character is a new challenge for me. Shooting in Punjab’s picturesque locations is always a delight. With the support of an incredible team and the love of our viewers, I’m ready to breathe life into this character,” he added.

Aditi shared: “From playing Aasmaa to now essaying the role of Haniya has been an incredible journey for me. It would be really interesting and challenging to play Haniya as it is notably different from Aasmaa’s character.

This is a challenge I would love to take on. Though different in nature, Haniya has a core of Aasmaa. I feel blessed to be continuing to be part of this show’s legacy, although in a different role.”

Shreya added: “Meher’s character has many layers, and it will be interesting for the audience to see it unfold gradually. I am very excited to shoot in Chandigarh for the first time.”(Agency)

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