• 6 May 1993
  • Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
  • Female
  • India



Tania is an Indian actress known for her work in Punjabi cinema. She has been nominated for two Brit Asia TV Awards, winning one for "Supporting Actress" for her performance in Qismat.


She was selected for the 2016 Bollywood film Sarabjit to play Sarabjit’s daughter, but as the filming schedule conflicted with her final exams, she had to forgo the role. Her first film role was in Son of Manjeet Singh but that film was not released until after Qismat. Tania has one younger sister Tamanna. She has a degree in Interior Designing and Project management. She is also a Classical dancer and National level participant. Tania is making her way up the ladder of success with the unique Acting skills that she has been blessed with and will continue to do so with all the love of her fans.

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Movie Name Release Date
Godday Godday Chaa Godday Godday Chaa May 26, 2023
oye Makhna Oye Makhna November 4, 2022
Lekh April 1, 2022
Qismat 2 January 1, 1970
Son Of Manjeet Singh October 12, 2018
Guddiyan Patole Punjabi film Cast and poster Guddiyan Patole March 8, 2019
Qismat Punjabi film Qismat September 21, 2018
Sufna punjabi film Sufna February 14, 2020