ROOPI GILL Punjabi Movies List
  • 28 July 1997
  • India
  • Female
  • Canadian

Roopi Gill


Roopi Gill is a prominent Punjabi actress and model known for her work in the Punjabi entertainment industry. She has gained recognition for her roles in Punjabi films and music videos. With her charming presence and talent, Roopi Gill has become a popular figure in the regional entertainment scene. Check out Roopi Gill Punjabi Movies List like Ashke (2018), Laiye Je Yaarian (2019), and many more.

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Movie Name Release Date
Rajni August 30, 2024
Jatt Nuu Chudail Movie Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri March 15, 2024
Maa Da Ladla Maa Da Ladla September 16, 2022
Vadda Kalakaar Punjabi film Vadda Kalakaar December 28, 2018
Laiye Je Yaarian Punjabi film | Cast, Story And Release Date Laiye Je Yaarian June 7, 2019
Ashke Punjabi film Cast Ashke July 27, 2018