Jaswinder Bhalla
  • 4 May
  • Doraha , Ludhiana , Punjab
  • Male
  • India

Jaswinder Bhalla


Jaswinder Bhalla (born 4 May 1960) is an Indian actor and comedian who works in Punjabi cinema. He is also an academic staff at the Punjab Agricultural University. He started his professional career as a comedian in 1988 with Chankata 88 and became an actor with film Dulla Bhatti.

Jaswinder Bhalla

Bhalla is best known for his comedy series Chankatta and comedy roles in various Punjabi films. He is famous for always using taglines in his movies. and bringing a comic touch to movies through them. He also performs in stage acts and has done tours of Canada and Australia for his stage show Naughty Baba in Town.  

Comedy career

As a student at Punjab Agricultural University, Jaswinder Bhalla had done comedy performances in university programs. He started his professional career in 1988 along with co-performer Bal Mukund Sharma with audio cassette Chhankata 1988. Bal Mukund Sharma and Jaswinder Bhalla were classmates at Punjab Agriculture University. Word Chankata originated from the college level annual show performed by Bhalla and Sharma in PAU.

Popular characters

In his Chhankata series, he portrays many characters carefully chosen from all walks of Punjabi society. One of the main characters is Chacha (Uncle) Chatur Singh, who is an old villager and talks about Punjab's politics. Another notable character is in Carry on Jatta. Another character he portrays is Bhana, a youngster from Chatur Singh's village who has emigrated to the USA and appears in the Chhankata as NRI. JB, another character portrayed by Jaswinder Bhalla, is the son of Chatur Singh. Another notable character is Taya Fumhan Singh. Another notable character is in Jatts in Golmaal.    

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