Jag Singh


Jag loved acting from a young age, his passion sparked by his role in a 7th grade theatre production; however, it wasn't until over a decade later that he pursued it as a profession. He enrolled in acting classes and began freelancing, often working his transportation job nights to carve out time for acting commitments the following day. Jag recently debuted in the Indian film industry, winning "Best Antagonist" at PTC Punjabi's Film Awards 2018 for his performance in Rocky Mental. In the U.S. independent film industry, he enjoyed the lead role in Delusional and supporting roles in various others: Forgive Me Father, Among the Thorns, Desiccate, and Midlife Crises. He has also starred in several commercials. Beyond acting, Jag is dedicated to his workout regime and considers health and fitness non-negotiable. In his spare moments, he creates adventure-focused cinematography. He is an astrophysics and aviation buff, adrenaline junkie, and motorcycle enthusiast. He married Carina Ruggiero in 2015..

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Movie Name Release Date
Rocky Mental Punjabi film Rocky Mental August 18, 2017
Dakuaan Da Munda Punjabi film poster Dakuaan Da Munda August 10, 2018