Balwinder Singh Vicky


Balwinder Singh Vicky (commonly known as Chacha Raunki Ram or Raunki Ram) is a versatile artist from Punjab, India. He has been very active in Theater, TV and movies since 1980s. He was an active performer in his college days and was selected to perform for Akashwani Jalandhar. He started working for Jalandhar Doordarshan in 1988, presenting many great funny skits in various programs. In his second inning, he has done many Punjabi films lately as Haani (2013), Young Malang (2013), Ishq Garaari (2013) and many others.

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Movie Name Release Date
Haani Punjabi film Haani September 6, 2013
Ishq Garaari Punjabi film Ishq Garaari October 25, 2013